Think and Die Thinking Collective is working toward evoking a trend of DIY, all ages, youth-affordable and youth-accessible events within an accountable community. We want to acknowledge that all of these components are important and valid to a successful, radical community.

Our vision is to create a space for community members who identify with radical culture, art and music that did not exist before. One of our long term goals is to open an all-ages space in San Jose. Our purpose is NOT to promote a centralized community influence but to empower community members to be effective and proactive. We want to facilitate musical events, workshops, dance nights, give back to our community, host out-of-town bands. We want to always protect the safe spaces created for those who feel systematically othered in our community (ie. queer folks, transfolks, people of color, youth, etc.)

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    Yes, when I don’t care it is so much easier to just walk away. It’s the people I care about who are worth calling on...
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