Think and Die Thinking Collective is working toward evoking a trend of DIY, all ages, youth-affordable and youth-accessible events within an accountable community. We want to acknowledge that all of these components are important and valid to a successful, radical community.

Our vision is to create a space for community members who identify with radical culture, art and music that did not exist before. One of our long term goals is to open an all-ages space in San Jose. Our purpose is NOT to promote a centralized community influence but to empower community members to be effective and proactive. We want to facilitate musical events, workshops, dance nights, give back to our community, host out-of-town bands. We want to always protect the safe spaces created for those who feel systematically othered in our community (ie. queer folks, transfolks, people of color, youth, etc.)

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$7-$10 sliding scale admisson at the door

(proceeds of the fest go straight to the BILLY DEFRANK CENTER)

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T H I N K A N D D I E T H I N K I N G 2 0 1 2

——- friday august 24th- doors at 4pm

4:30-5 Grace Pool (San Francisco)
5:00-5:45 Sunny Reaper (SF/Oakland)
5:45-6:30 Juliana from Replica’s new band (first show!)
6:30-7:15 Ugly Winner (San Jose)
7:15-8 Colonia (San Antonio)
8-8:45 Become (Santa Barbara)
8:45-9:30 Yulia (San Jose)
9:30-10:15 Bitter Fruit (San Francsco)
10:15-11 Wild Assumptionsm (San Francisco/Oakland)
11-11:45 Sourpatch (San Jose)

——- saturday august 25th-


doors at 2pm

2-2:45 crabapple (San Francisco)
2:45-3:30 Endemics (San Francisco)
3:30-4:15 Pig DNA (Philly)
4:15-5 Bam Bam (San Francisco)
5-5:45 Hazel’s Wart (San Jose/Oakland)
6:30-7:15 Bascom (San Jose)
7:15-8 Tender Buttons (San Francisco)
8:45-9:30 No Babies (Oakland/San Francisco)
9:30-10:15 Street Easters (San Francisco)
10:15-11 American Splits (San Francisco/Oakland)
11-11:45 Weird TV (Olympia)

——- sunday august 26th-


doors at 3pm

4:30-5:45 Thrishi (Santa Cruz)
5:45-6:30 Salt Flat (San Francisco/San Jose)
6:30-7:15 Pang (San Francisco)
7:15-8 Hesse (Santa Barbara)
8-8:45 Femteen (San Francisco)
8:45-9:30 Acid Fast (Oakland)
9:30-10:15 Wild Moth (San Francisco)
10:15-11 Fat Transfer (San Francisco)
11-11:45 Placentaur (Oakland

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Weird TV

Sunny Reaper (Oakland,CA)

Colonia (San Antonio,TX)

Bam Bam (Oakland,CA)

Bascom (San Jose,CA)

Crabapple (San Francisco/San Jose, CA)

No Babies (Oakland,CA)

Yulia (San Jose/San francisco,CA)

Hazel’s Wart (San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose,CA)

American Splits (San Francisco/Oakland,CA)

Thrishi (Santa Cruz,CA)

Tender buttons (San Francisco,CA)

Wild Assumptions (Oakland/Berkeley,CA)

Fat Transfer (San Francisco,CA)

placentaur (San francisco,CA)

salt flat (San Jose/San Francisco/Oakland,CA)

sourpatch (San Jose,CA)

street eaters (Oakland/Berkeley,CA)

grace pool (San Francisco/San Jose)

bitter fruit (Oakland/San Francisco)

ugly winner (San Jose)

index (San Francisco)

endemics (San Francisco)

femteen (San Francisco)

the smell (San Francisco)

wild moth (San Francisco)

acid fast (Oakland)

become (Santa Barbara)

pang (San Francisco)

hesse (Santa Barbara)

RIOT GHOUL: sisterhoods not dead (short film//Oakland)

synopsis: Lisa is bored with Brad, her asshole boyfriend when she meets Valarie, a mysterious grrrl outside a show. Lisa becomes enamored with her but soon discovers a shocking truth about valarie’s life, and death. little does she know shes about to recieve the horrifying lesson that sisterhood’s not dead.

crafted with no-budget amongst the oakland queer/punk/no-wave/noise community riot ghoul is an experiment in narrative storytelling featuring the music of stillsuit, marissa magic, melting wreck, fat transfer, and prison library.

for more information or to get involved with future projects please check out our facebook page at or email

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Art by Claudia

My name is Claudia, I’m a local artist with a stubborn dream of making a line of themed day-planners. Organizing schedules on paper is a dying art but the designer and organizational freak in me wants to revive it in a fun and practical way that feels personalized. Let me show you my art, check out my blog: Until I can get my day-planner dream organized and funded you’ll find me online drawing my friends and professing my love to Coffee.

Subtle Ceiling

a constant sojourner, a genderless mass of BLOOD/BONES/TISSUE/MAZES/TOXINS/CHEMICALS/SHIT/ROT/GROWTH, a designer in the preliminary stages of (his/her?) life’s largest project — constructing an invisble, new world world from scratch «some call this ART?»
(i am a transient phantom.)

• Tom Tom Magazine
Tom Tom Magazine is the only magazine in the world dedicated to female drummers. It serves as the ultimate go-to guide for the latest and hottest info on lady drummers and beatmakers. Tom Tom seeks to raise awareness about female percussionists from all over the world and hopes to inspire women and girls of all ages to drum, all while strengthening and building the community of otherwise fragmented female musicians.

• Art By Leo Henderson
I’ve been working on a lot of drawings (mostly pencils) with heavy feminist overtones.  I’m going to be donating the majority of the proceeds earned from selling my art to benefit this organization:
This organization aids in the prevention, intervention, and sheltering of victims of domestic violence.  They are San Jose local.  They mostly focus on educating families and friends who are culturally unaware of the resources that are available.  They will be sending me resources (pamphlets, cards, etc.) that are geared towards POC, LGBTQ, and other programs available.  This cause is important to me as it has affected my life directly and indirectly.
•  Jenn/Most Gross Cassettes
Small & weird. Cassette only. West Coast forever.
Contact: &
The LGBTQ Youth Space

The LGBTQ Youth Space is a drop-in community center for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and ally youth and young adults ages 13-25. We’re located at 452 S. First St and we have support groups , art workshops, activism and leadership opportunities , counseling services, volunteer opportunities , free snacks , computers and internet access , video games , safer sex supplies/condoms, connections to any resources you might need , online chat groups and monthly health van visits.
Learn more at!
San Jose Bike Clinic
Description: The mission of the San Jose Bike Clinic is to provide a shared space for bicycle repair and education and to build a robust and diverse cycling community in San Jose.  Essentially, we’re creating a bike co-op in San Jose!  We’ll be proving a series of mobile events while we solidify a permanent location.  To get involved with us, send an email to, like us on, or
visit our website:

•  Cool Ur head

CoolurHead is a Bay Area DIY Zine that focuses on the streets of the Bay and beyond!
•  Faded Glory

FADED GLORY MAGAZINE is a zine documenting the original graffiti seen along railroad freight cars since the early 1900s. It covers in depth interviews…rare photos…as well as local San Jose,Ca. railroad history. Issues have even brushed the agricultural/orchard history of the southbay
•  Zineworks Distro

We teach free workshops on the west coast (mostly in Southern Cali, the Inland Empire in particular). We also run a distro for queer and anarchist zines as well as zines from artists from the Inland Empire. 
•  Idiomism:
Is a small record label and production outlet entertaining original, unsolicited, non-corporate, artistic motivations.
•  Vinehell Records and Distro
San Jose based punk/hardcore label focusing on local and international bands!!
Hello, my name is Carina and this summer I had many ideas for art projects, but knowing me and my vida loca all I was able to fulfill was making crochet roses in a variety of colors and sizes that I will be selling as hair pins. In addition to the roses, I will have the few remaining copies of a zine I wrote a few years ago, Quiero Soñar Despierta, and maybe some new stuff assuming I am able to recover it from my backup harddrive in time for the fest. Other than that, I’ll be sharing with you music from my friend’s music label, OPUS LABEL, and selling their first compilation album. Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing all the bands play and of course meeting you!
•  Fat Bottom Bakery
Fat Bottom Bakery is an all-vegan bakery, owned by Carolynn and Ashley and working out of Oakland to bring vegan goodness to the Bay Area. Everything we make is totally cruelty-free and made from scratch with majority organic and locally-sourced ingredients. For more information, you can check out our website at
•  Maximum RockNRoll
Maximumrocknroll is a widely distributed monthly fanzine dedicated to supporting the underground punk rock scene. MRR’s 25-year plus history and large, obsessed all-volunteer staff has made its punk rock coverage the most consistently up-to-date and reliable around.
•  Scream Queens
we are a queer feminist pirate radio show playing punk, post-punk, noise, electroclash, and darkwave. We
love having bands come in to the studio to play live on air, and usually follow up with an interview, and our focus are bands that are queer or include female musicians. Besides the music, Scream Queens also likes to dive into political and random not-so-political discussions and rants.
Participation with the radio station is key to broaden knowledge of and listening to non-commercial radio. This way people can tune into awesome music, and experience actual free speech on air. Scream Queens is on air wednesday nights at 10pm, and can be streamed at We also have a tumblr-, or can be contacted via to set up a radio show/interview for bands and other artists. Also, we like to make local announcements about projects, events, and shows, so anyone can send fliers or updates about those.
•  Great Plains Records
A small-time label with no agenda — since 2007, Great Plains Records has been sporadically but stubbornly releasing music and other crap. Rather than fixating on specific genres or formats, Great Plains focuses on originality, creative production and self-deprecation. If there were a formula, it might look like: (close collaboration between ‘artist’ and ‘label’ + quality + quality + quality - commercial viability) * (maximum time + minimum cash). But the future looks bright, and shit only hardens with age.
•  Neuropuddy
Neuropuddy is a comic book zine featuring four different stories about four rad ladies. 
Stories are written by Alison Stevenson. Artwork by Sarah Silva, Brian Trott, Jared Law, and Danny Djeljosevic. 
Contact info and copies can be ordered at
•  Thugzmaison
THUGZ MAISON is a space for Terry Xiao to make universal wearables that explore the opportunity in fashion for individuals to embrace and honor each other. They believe that one’s spirit is not at odds with one’s sexuality as both can be admired by putting on some clothes. This project is their pursuit of making more space for queer self-expression to flourish through change within our society’s present attitudes.
Visit or tell Terry a story about your favorite outfit at
•  Grace Rosario Perkins
Grace Rosario Perkins (born 1986) grew up in the Southwest, living on and off Indian reservations until she relocated to Oakland. Her drawings and paintings are informed by pop culture – particularly icons from music, literature, and film, and then often paired with varied personal experiences. However, Grace prefers to leave the interpretation open to those who view it, as the images vary from repetitive images of grotesque, slightly “goofy” women to mountainscapes. Grace is also a self taught painter and is influenced by also working alongside disabled adults as an art instructor/facilitator for the last five years. Grace will be selling prints, small works on paper, and a zine titled Turner Down.
•  zines’n’thing
works of art and zines from Trisha Vervisch of Santa Cruz and Holly Tomlinson of Oakland.

NuRoutes Studios 

Nu Routes Studios is a DIY multimedia/mixed medium art space located within The Citadel Artists Community in Downtown San Jose. The studios is 1000+ Sq-ft with two lofts that house a gallery and music studio as well as additional creative space. NRS hosts live music, performances, gallery shows, workshops and community events regularly. Nu Routes Studios is focused on connecting community, documenting culture and creating new arts and idea within the South Bay and beyond. Future plans include monthly open studios featuring other Citadel Artists, A DIY music label,an interior design gallery and a clothing line. NRS is always looking for contributes and collaborators.

Women Rising
Women Rising is a community collective based in San Jose that focuses on women empowerment through the arts and open dialogue. Through the use of all creative mediums, Women Rising encourages women of all ages/backgrounds to rise up and become leaders in the movement towards discovering one’s identity amongst the perpetual misrepresentation and underrepresenation in our social culture. Check out our site: for up coming events and projects!

Bay Area Lady fest

 Ladyfest is a global, D.I.Y., grassroots, feminist festival. It features music, visual and performance art, film, poetry, zines, spoken word, workshops and vendors who are predominantly trans, queer or womyn.

It’s an all-ages, volunteer- run, not-for-profit event that aims to create opportunities for minorities to become empowered through organizing, performance and education.

To get involved with Bay Area Ladyfest as an organizer, performer or volunteer visit us 

CAFETY - Community Alliance for the Ethical Treatment of Youth.

We are a member driven advocacy organization led by those with direct experience in residential care and our allies. We promote and secure human rights of youth in or at risk of residential placement.