Think and Die Thinking Collective is working toward evoking a trend of DIY, all ages, youth-affordable and youth-accessible events within an accountable community. We want to acknowledge that all of these components are important and valid to a successful, radical community.

Our vision is to create a space for community members who identify with radical culture, art and music that did not exist before. One of our long term goals is to open an all-ages space in San Jose. Our purpose is NOT to promote a centralized community influence but to empower community members to be effective and proactive. We want to facilitate musical events, workshops, dance nights, give back to our community, host out-of-town bands. We want to always protect the safe spaces created for those who feel systematically othered in our community (ie. queer folks, transfolks, people of color, youth, etc.)

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A lot of feelings going into this gig. It is the last HOTDR show, this is a place that has held a lot of love and hurt for me. It has watched friendships build within its walls, beneath the floorboards so many bands have played, so many of my favorite shows, it fostered so many young humyns coming through town and melting into couches, people making out in the grass and naked bodies in every room at least once, summertime movies out in the driveway, a lot of hair dye staining the drains. The smells are the worst and the best, the walls are caked in dog dust. So many amazing dinners and breakfasts eaten on the porch as the day dropped and big BBQ’s in the back. A lot of singing a lot of tears a lot of dancing a lot of heart break. Some of the best and hardest times of my 20’s were in this spot. I’m gonna miss it so much. I’m so happy with the amount of things we attempted and did do with the short time we had this space.

here are so much more ~feelings~ that are deeper than a good riff goin on tonight!

come out one more time!

——Written by Bean  
For those of you familiar with House of the Dead Rat:

Yesterday afternoon we received a 60-day notice to move out. One of the owners has recently passed and the family representatives are selling the property for good.

It’s very sad considering those who’ve occupied this house for the past five years have spent some formative and important times here. At least on my behalf, House of the Dead Rat has changed my life forever. This place has cultivated a unique chosen family, been a safe space for pain and healing of all kinds, housed many wonderful out-of-town friends and touring bands, and hosted a multitude of amazing shows and events, so many in fact, it’s overwhelming to recount all of them right now.

It’s walls have seen the start of many important bands, relationships and friendships in my life and nurtured Think and Die Thinking (something that has been pricelessly important to me and to many other people). Its housed some of the best pet friends and companions ever.

I am forever in debt and in awe of the time I’ve spent in this place and what it has done to my life. It is something I won’t ever forget, something that will probably take me a lifetime to process and cherish.

Suffice to say, we are looking for housing in San Jose, preferably something very similar to House of the Dead Rat (although we know nothing could ever take it’s place). We are urging people to keep an eye out and just
know we are kinda overwhelmed and might be until we know we can get settled into a new place. However, we are also very fortunately to have each other right now and a vast support network of great individuals.

Maybe we can all share our collective memories of this beautiful place before we say goodbye.—

NEXT WEEK SEPT 26TH thinkanddiethinking is holding our ZINE release party for this summer idea/project we have been doing called SUMMER OF DISCONTENT. It was an experiment in recording our collective histories. If you did not participate or are curious PLEASE STILL COME AND INVITE PEOPLE.
There will be tables to present the zines made over the summer and space for you to bring your own past zines if you want. Come out and hang!


This is SO IMPORTANT and I’m glad someone took the time to post there footage. It is important that we document our histories, because this shows that not a lot has changed.

(this is part one part two is here

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Put down the pretzel and head over to this amazing jawn!

Here is a great an easy to understand:

A Beginner’s Guide to DSLR Cameras


I first met Kay when my band PERMANENT RUIN went up to Victoria B.C. to play a GRINDCORE festival called “Grindlandia” in which she was one of the head organizers, since then we’ve kept in light contact via the internet.

She also helps run a collective zine called THIRD SPACE

"Thirdspace is an anti-racist feminist zine (small circulation, non-commercial publication). We aim to confront racism, ableism, patriarchy, queer bashing and colonization.


Thirdspace is a feminist, anti-racist zine produced through the UVSS Women’s Centre, at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. We welcome anyone from everywhere to volunteer and/or contribute writing and artwork for publication. We wish to promote all marginalized groups on equal ground. We are calling for submissions from within and outside the university. We encourage submissions in all forms that mobilize against, racism, ableism, classism, patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, and colonization.


Photo/Film and Video are great ways that we can DOCUMENT our history and make sure our voices are heard and noticed.

If you’ve ever wanted to start/try your hand at using a Digital SLR camera watch this video for a short visual course!
Think and Die Thinking presents: S U M M E R O F D I S C O N T E N T D A N C E / Z I N E R E L E A S E S.O.D is an idea turned 3 month long event. As an experiment in kick-starting some creativity and making space for people who might not always feel they get to be creative and also to document our experiences and recording our collective histories. Starting JUNE 21ST and ending SEPTEMBER 26TH you are invited to CREATE a zine OR zines over the period of the summer! In true Think and Die Thinking fashion, we are an END OF THE SUMMER DANCE PARTY event to celebrate what we ALL have done! You will have a chance to look over all the zines made during this 3 month long endeavor and more! ALL PERSONS are invited to this event even if you did not make a zine! It will be DONATION based so don’t trip. 75% OF PROCEEDS GO TO GAZA AID (more info soon) Zine Release Event: FOOD • MUSIC • DANCING —————————————————————————————————- •RESPECT EACHOTHER •NO RACISM •NO SEXISM •NO HOMOPHOBIA •NO TRANSPHOBIA •NO TAGGING in or around the spot stay &